Cyc Cyk detergents are new professional products offered by SPRINT for caring, cleaning and lighting fireplaces. Caring for your fireplace with the Cyk Cyk detergents, cleaning the fireplace glass or washing it with the Cyk Cyk foam or liquid cleaner, has never been so fun and easy!

We invite you to familiarize with our range of products. We are confident that you would be delighted with the effectiveness of the foam and liquid fireplace glass cleaner, which now is available in a new long-lasting bottle of 600ml! The line of Cyk Cyk products guarantees a pure pleasure in cleaning and caring of your fireplace.
Cyk Cyk fireplace detergents are the best choice products!


Cyk Cyk detergents and accessories for your fireplace! Professional line of products for cleaning and taking care of your fireplace!

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