pielęgnacja kominka

SPRINT, founded in 2003, is a company specializing in the manufacture of spray cosmetics and household chemical products. The latest technology, as well as the close cooperation with the producers of the highest quality raw materials, enables the production of new structures for the products. In 2008, a new segment of professional fireplace care accessories was created, namely Cyk Cyk products.

The Cyk Cyk products is a professional line of fireplace care and lighting products. It is based on the latest technology, which due to the selection of respective components has an advantage over other products available on the market.

We produce high quality products for companies closely cooperating with the fireplace industry.

We guarantee products of the highest quality, as the quality is determined by us!

Our company motto is professionalism, high quality products, and above all, meeting the customers needs.

Welcome to cooperate with us.